Armin de Vries

''Otto's new engine'' from 1867

Set of cast Parts


This model engine is the first engine built in series by Nikolaus August Otto, which also became known as "Otto's new four-stroke engine".
This engine was offered in various sizes. There was a two, four, six and eight hp engine.
This model is the eight hp version on a scale of 1:10. Although it is very difficult to reconcile attention to detail with functionality in functional model making, I have managed to fulfil this requirement here. On the other hand, building the model also places high demands on the modeller.


Technical data :
Bore: 22 mm
stroke: 40 mm
Overall height: - - mm
Overall length: 380 mm
Overall width: 160 mm
Flywheel diameter: 200 mm


Scope of delivery :
Bronze and aluminium castings
Price 550€