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The world's first model rotary engine for 1/3 scale model aircraft is now available from us
Only a rotary motor sounds like a rotary motor


* Smooth running that can only be compared with an electric drive.
* High torque
* Very easy to regulate via the carburettor
* Cylinder made of finest grey cast iron. (No flaking of the coating possible)
The ignition can be operated directly with two Lipo cells or 3 LiFe cells thanks to the integrated voltage converter and undervoltage protection
* Our motors are designed with the latest 3D-CAD and are equipped with a 4-axis
CNC milling machine, CNC lathe and conventional machine tools.
* Last but not least; over 20 years of experience in designing and building model four-stroke motors

Technical data:
160 cc
Bore: 32 mm
Stroke: 40 mm
Fuel: petrol with 12% castor oil
Speed: 700 rpm to max 3000
Weight: Complete with ignition 3840g
Diameter: 290mm
Depth measured from propeller hub to engine mount: 165mm
Propeller two-blade: 32 "X14", 30 "X18",


Scope of delivery:
Engine with Rcexl ignition system and operating instructions.
Price: on request
Delivery time: on request