Armin de Vries

VT 42 Currently not in production!
The most powerful four-stroke petrol engine in its class!


With the VT 42, I have succeeded in creating a design that sets new standards in terms of performance and running characteristics in all speed ranges among four-stroke petrol engines for model aircraft. Like all my other designs, the VT 42 was constructed as a petrol engine. Design features include the fact that the connecting rod is mounted on needle bearings on both eyes, the cylinder and cylinder head are ribbed in such a way that the engine is not thermally overloaded and a lubrication system that leaves no moving parts out.
Thanks to its narrow design, the engine can be used in almost all types of model aircraft, even those with a narrow cowl.

Technical data VT 42:
Displacement: 42.5ccm
Control: Bottom-mounted camshaft
Carburettor: Pump carburettor with choke device
Ignition system: Single CM6 from Rcexl
Fuel: Oil - petrol 1:30
Max. speed: 8200 rpm
Power: 6300 rpm with 22x10" Graupner G-Sonic prop
Weight approx.: without ignition system 1790g

Scope of delivery:
Engine with ignition system, engine mount and manifold (your choice)
Price: 798,00 €