Armin de Vries

VT 38 Production discontinued!



Compact, lightweight four-stroke petrol engine for the 7.5 kg model class. By optimising the moving masses and the triple ball-bearing crankshaft, the engine runs with exceptionally low vibration for its size and has a spontaneous and high-torque control response with reliable idling. Easy manual starting thanks to the Walbro pump carburettor with two-stage choke and electronic ignition with ignition timing adjustment; an integrated rev limiter reliably prevents mechanical damage caused by excessive engine speeds. -
Thanks to its integral cylinder liner, the VT 38 is also thermally suitable for the use of larger propellers and installation under the engine cowlings of scale models, whereby installation can be upright, horizontal or suspended. Due to the needle-bearing connecting rod, the engine is content with a 1:30 mixture. -
The VT 38 is a robust and reliable utility engine that does not need to hide behind a comparable two-stroke petrol engine in terms of starting behaviour, performance, consumption, weight and maintenance requirements, although it could certainly almost do so due to its size.

A motor-matched damper, a motor mount and a retrofittable gear unit for the use of larger propellers in scale models are in preparation. -

Technical data VT 38:
Displacement: 38 ccm
Control: Bottom-mounted camshaft
Carburettor: Walbro pump carburettor with choke device
Ignition system: 4.8V electronic with ignition timing adjustment
Fuel: Oil - petrol 1:30
Max. speed: 9000 rpm
Power: 6400 rpm with 22x8" Graupner G-Sonic prop
Weight approx.: without ignition system 1900g-

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