Armin de Vries

ST 130 3RProduction discontinued!

The time has come, the ST 130 3R can now be ordered. The engine is only built to order by hand. This gives me the opportunity to respond to individual customer requests, so that the engine can be built directly into the model out of the box.
Here are a few more design features:
-equipped as standard with a petrol pump from Bernd Albinger
-specifically designed ignition system for radial engines from
-moulded valve seat inserts and long valve stem guide
-The engagement points of the secondary connecting rods in the main connecting rod are arranged in such a way that smooth running is guaranteed and connecting rod breakages will not occur.
-Valve cover and pushrod tube that protect the rocker arms and pushrods from dust, thus minimising maintenance.

3 cylinder four-stroke radial engine
Rear carburettor
1:50 mixture lubrication (2-MIX from Stihl or Super with 2% Castrol 2T RS)
Processor-controlled ignition with integrated ignition timing adjustment, active lipo protection and rev limiter to prevent mechanical damage due to over-revving.

Technical data:
130 cc
Speed: 900 rpm to max 5500
Weight: 5000g
Diameter: 320mm
Depth measured from propeller hub to engine mount: 225mm
Propeller two-blade: 26 "X16", 28 "X14",
30 "X12", 32 "X10"

Scope of delivery:
Engine complete with engine mount, flame tubes, electric petrol pump from Bernd Albinger, DIS 3 radial ignition system and operating instructions.
Price: 2600,00 €
Ring silencer: 125,00 €
Delivery time from order; approx. 8 weeks Production discontinued!