Armin de Vries

VT 85 2R Vers 2.1 Currently not in production!

The VT85 2R is a genuine two-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine, not an "in-line engine" bolted together from two single-cylinder engines, which has been specially designed for use in narrow bonnets of medium and large scale models weighing up to approx. 15 kg*.
The compact design results from the 4-fold ball-bearing camshaft located in the cylinder head, which is driven by a toothed belt at the rear of the engine housing and actuates the valves directly via rocker arms.
The cylinder head is a one-piece design to avoid thermal disadvantages of the rear cylinder in practical use.
The one-piece cylinder head of the two cylinders means that only one carburettor can supply both cylinders with fresh gas. This makes it much easier to adjust the mixture compared to a twin carburettor version!
The ignition system with electronic ignition timing adjustment results in unproblematic starting behaviour.
Thanks to the 180-degree firing order, the VT85 2R runs with very high torque and low vibration.
The engine therefore does not require a special engine mount, but is bolted directly to the engine bulkhead using D-Locks on the housing bell, whereby the engine can be mounted in a suspended, horizontal or upright position.
The connecting rods with needle bearings enable operation with a 1:50 oil/petrol mixture after the running-in period.

Technical data:
2-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine with 180° crank offset
Displacement: 85 ccm
Control: Overhead camshaft
Carburettor: Walbro pump carburettor with choke device
Ignition system: DIS-2R ignition system from
Fuel: Oil - petrol 1:30
Max. speed: 5300 rpm with Menz 26 "X10
Weight approx.: 3500g.
Price: 1990,00€