Armin de Vries

VT 1D Production discontinued!


My new small four-stroke diesel VT 1-D is a further development of its proven predecessor VT 0.7-D and is intended for use in smaller models in the 500 - 800 g weight class.
Here, too, the compression adjustment required for model diesels is carried out via an eccentrically mounted crankshaft; the fixable adjustment lever enables sensitive regulation.
The valves are controlled via open pushrods, which are driven directly by the camshaft mounted in the rear part of the housing.
The throttle carburettor ensures reliable running over a wide speed range; even after longer throttle phases, the engine picks up the throttle spontaneously.
Even in the lower rev range, the small diesel releases solid torque and surprises in the upper range with its unobtrusive sound. -

Technical data:
Displacement: 1.0 ccm
Bore: 11.5 mm
Stroke: 10 mm
Speed range: approx. 2000 - 8500 rpm with 7 "x 5" prop.
Fuel: Model diesel
Weight: approx. 125g
Compression adjustment via eccentrically mounted crankshaft
Price: 380,00 €